Core Facilities Lectures 2023

Lecturer Title Date Slides
Martin Möckel

Molecular & Biochemistry Techniques

2023-04-17 Click here
Eva Wolf/ Martin Möckel

Protein Production and Crystallography

2023-04-24 Click here
Petri Turunen

Introduction to Microscopy

2023-05-08 Click here
Márton Gelléri

Microscopy: F-Techniques and Super-Resolution

2023-05-15 Click here
Sandra Ritz

Histology and Fluorescent Labeling

2023-05-22 Click here
Miguel Andrade

Databases in Bioinformatics

2023-06-05 Click here
Jiaxuan Chen


2023-06-12 Click here
Maria Mendez Lago

Genomics (NGS)

2023-06-19 Click here
Anke Busch/Nastasja Kreim

Design and Analysis of NGS Experiments

2023-06-26 Click here
Stefanie Möckel

Flow Cytometry

2023-07-03 Click here
Uwe Wolfrum/Frank Depoix

Electron Microscopy

2023-07-10 Click here