Upcoming Events

Below please find a list of upcoming training events held at IMB for members of the International PhD Programme (IPP) on "Gene Regulation, Epigenetics and Genome Stability", the IMB Postdoc Programme (IPPro), the RTG GenEvo, the RTG 4R, the iRTG of the SFB1361 and the iRTG of the SFB1551. Courses are open also to other young scientists for a fee covering the costs of trainer and course organisation.

If there is no other information in the course description, all courses are taking place at IMB, Ackermannweg 4, 55128 Mainz (University Campus).
* Costs for members of the IPP, IPPro, SFB 1361, SFB1551, 4R and GenEvo are covered by the respective programmes.

To register, please fill in the course registration form (assoc. programmes) or email training(at)imb.de (externals).

DateEventFurther information

How to make your next job application a success - 29+30 August 2024

Trainer: Dr. Prateek Mahalwar
Date and Time: 29 & 30 August 2024, 09:00-17:00
Venue: IMB
Target group: Postdocs; senior PhD students
During the workshop the participants will have a chance to learn about the following topics:

  • How to make a professional CV and cover letter
  • How to identify potential fitting jobs
  • Tailoring CV and cover letter to specific applications
  • Individual feedback on CVs
  • How to prepare for interviews outside academia
  • Most common pitfalls at interviews
  • How to answer standard and difficult interview questions
  • Interview practice in small groups

Please register by 26 July 2024
To receive information on course fees for external* participants, please email training@imb-mainz.de


Critical Reasoning and Logic - 24 + 25 September 2024

Trainer: Kai Hüwelmeyer
Date & time: 24 + 25 September 2024, 9:00-17:00
Venue: IMB
Target group: PhD students, postdocs, junior scientists
Scientists have to give arguments in many different contexts: in their publications, in grant applications, in lab meetings and in conference presentations. Nevertheless, the bases for strong and correct arguments are not always fully clear to them. Logic provides extremely helpful tools for scientists to develop their arguments in a coherent, well-structured and convincing way. The course introduces the most important concepts of logic: premises and conclusions of arguments, validity and soundness of arguments, deductive vs. inductive reasoning, common types of inferences and fallacies. The idea of the course is to use these concepts as a toolbox which provides useful techniques for everyday scientific work. The participants learn how to reconstruct arguments from scientific texts, how to give well-structured and logically valid arguments, and how to avoid misunderstandings.

Please register by 26 August 2024
To receive information on course fees for external* participants, please email training@imb-mainz.de


Adobe Illustrator - Beginners - 1 October 2024

Trainer: Christian Nuber
Date and Time: 1 October 2024, 9:00-17:00
Venue: onsite
Target group: Postdocs & PhD students
This beginners' course aims at PhD students and junior scientists who want to learn how to make figures and drawings for scientific publications / posters using Adobe illustrator.

Please register by 30 August 2024
To receive information on course fees for external* participants, please email training@imb-mainz.de


Scientific Writing - 16 + 17 October 2024

Trainer: Christina Schuette
Date and Time: 16 + 17 October 2024, 9:00-17:00
Target group: PhD students
Venue: onsite
2-day interactive event with trainer input and exercises to introduce academic writing in English.
- Course content: Good and bad scientific texts / Messages - formulating main statements clearly / Presenting results: Figures and legends / Writing exercises followed by feedback, working with own texts / Parts of a paper / Writing English texts / Writing strategies / Publication process.
- Preliminary work by the participants: Analysis of a paper


Please register by 13 September 2024
To receive information on course fees for external* participants, please email training@imb-mainz.de


Biostatistics - Autumn 2024

Trainer: Fridolin Kielisch in cooperation with IMB core facilities
Date & Time: 29 October - 3 December 2024, 9:15 - 10:45 (6 weekly units of 90 minutes each, always Tue)
Venue: onsite
Target group: 1st year PhD student + young researchers aiming at repetition
This module focuses on statistics as an important instrument of scientific work. Students will take a 'probabilistc point of view' on scientific experiments and familiarize themselfes with statistical tools like confidence intervals, hypothesis tests, ANOVA, etc. The course mainly uses the statistical computing framework R, but due to the general nature of the topics any statistical software can be used you are familiar with. 
The module consists of seven units. Between the sessions, the students will do small exercises at home. Tutors will be available for questions and answers.
Participants must be familiar with a software allowing statistical analysis prior to the course. For beginners, we recommend and support a self-learning course in R.


Please register by 27 September 2024
This course is not open to external* participants at the moment. For more information, please email training@imb-mainz.de