Scientific & Technical Training

As a postdoc in the IPPro, you will benefit from a wide range of courses and events to further your scientific career.

Scientific seminars, courses & events

At IMB, we host numerous scientific seminars and events to encourage scientific exchange, promote new ideas and foster international collaboration between our postdocs and the wider scientific community. These include:

  • IMB seminar series: you will attend talks held by invited speakers who are leaders in the fields of ageing, epigenetics, genome stability & RNA biology
  • Annual IMB Conferences: you will have the opportunity to share and discuss the latest advances in the fields of IMB's research focus with outstading international scientists
  • Dedicated lectures on epigenetics, gene regulation, genome stability & DNA repair held by leading scientists of IMB, the Johannes Gutenberg University & the University Medical Center: you will broaden your knowledge beyond your field of expertise
  • Weekly internal seminars, followed by common lunch for all scientists at IMB in our spacious science lounge: you will receive feedback about your research work and stay up-to-date with the scientific progress made at IMB
  • Biennial IMB retreats: you will discuss more in-depth IMB’s groundbreaking research at poster sessions and talks, and lay the ground to further cooperation with your colleagues
  • A broad range of additional scientific events, where you will meet and discuss with experts working on cutting-edge topics in the fields of RNA, genome stability, microscopy and more

Technical Training

Your scientific training at IMB will be complemented by theoretical and hands-on training, to ensure that you are always up to speed on the latest methods & technologies that will keep your project at the forefront of science. Training events include: 

  • Bimonthly Tech Talks, where invited speakers from academia and R&D in industry speak about the latest technologies and techniques in the life sciences
  • Core Facility lectures and practical courses on bioinformatics, flow cytometry, genomics, microscopy & proteomics