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Proposal Writing - Key Factors for Success

Dr Wilma Simoleit


To attract funding for the own position or the realization of project ideas is a major basis for success in science. In this workshop the participants train to write a convincing proposal. The design of the workshop is such, that you will work with your current or a future scientific subject in order to apply the content of the workshop directly to your specific needs. Major focus of the proposal writing will be a strong title, a convincing summary and strategic considerations to develop a project plan with an adequate budget. We will discuss the concept and content of proposals, their evaluation and principles of the funding system with relevance for proposal writing. You also get to know unwritten rules you should keep in mind, when applying for extramural funds. Optional, participants, who are currently writing a proposal can bring their summary for analysis and further development. 

If you are not part of one of the IMB associated programmes, please email training(at) for application as an external participant. Terms and fees will then be communicated to you directly.

Dr Wilma Simoleit

Date: 10 Jul 2023
Time: 09:00 - 17:00
Location: Virtual
Registration: 12 Jun 2023
Contact: training(at)