Date Event Speaker Institution Title Poster
03 Apr 2017 Seminar (Ad hoc) Prof. Ruslan Afasizhev School of Dental Medicine, Boston University RNA editing enzyme machines Available here
21 Mar 2017 Seminar (Ad hoc) Dr Svend Petersen-Mahrt Institute for Molecular Oncology (IFOM), Milan AID-induced DNA lesions – repair, ignore, mutate (good and bad) – in immunity, epigenetics, and cancer Available here
09 Mar 2017 Seminar Prof. Sven Rottenberg University of Bern PARP inhibitor resistance in BRCA1/2-mutated mouse mammary tumors Available here
09 Feb 2017 Seminar Prof. Tony Kouzarides University of Cambridge Function of RNA modifications and their role in cancer Available here
02 Feb 2017 Seminar Prof. Anja Groth University of Copenhagen Chromatin replication and epigenome maintenance Available here
19 Jan 2017 Seminar Prof. Karl-Peter Hopfner LMU, Munich Structural mechanisms of DNA double-strand break repair Available here
29 Nov 2016 TechTalk Dr Jonas V Schaefer University of Zurich, Switzerland Multipurpose DARPin binders for innovative applications - how to identify affinity reagents for challenging tasks Available here
24 Nov 2016 Seminar Prof. Anton Gartner University of Dundee From worm to man: Studying genome maintenance in C. elegans, new approaches and surprising results Available here
15 Nov 2016 Seminar Dr Robert Hänsel-Hertsch University of Cambridge G-quadruplex structures mark transcriptionally active regulatory chromatin Available here
10 Nov 2016 Seminar Dr Alexander Stark IMP, Vienna Decoding transcriptional regulation Available here
03 Nov 2016 Seminar Dr Simon Boulton The Francis Crick Institute, London Function and Regulation of RTEL1 at vertebrate telomeres Available here
25 Oct 2016 TechTalk Dr Sarantis Chlamydas & Dr Matthias Spiller-Becker Active Motif Inc., Frankfurt Focus on chromatin: Tools & services for epigenetics and gene regulation Available here
14 Oct 2016 Seminar (Ad hoc) Prof. Dr Rainer Heintzmann Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology, Jena Lightwedge and lightsheet-raman microscopy Available here
13 Oct 2016 Seminar Prof. Achim Kramer Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin Posttranscriptional mechanisms in the mammalian circadian clock Available here
15 Sep 2016 Seminar Prof. Elisa Izaurralde MPI for Developmental Biology, Tübingen CANCELLED: Structural insight into the regulation of cap-dependent translation initiation  Available here
08 Sep 2016 Seminar Prof. Ian Hickson University of Copenhagen The effects of DNA replication stress on chromosome stability Available here
04 Oct 2016 TechTalk Dr Holger Erfle BioQuant, Heidelberg University RNAi screening and the development of novel tools for the high-content analysis of the cell Available here
28 Jul 2016 Seminar Prof. Thorsten Hoppe CECAD Cologne Ubiquitin sets the timer: coordination of aging and proteostasis Available here
21 Jul 2016 Seminar Prof. Reinhard Lührmann MPI for Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen CANCELLED: Structural basis of pre-mRNA splicing Available here
30 Jun 2016 Seminar Prof. Markus Sauer University of Würzburg Super-resolution fluorescence imaging by dSTORM Available here
23 Jun 2016 Seminar Prof. Nikolaus Rajewsky MDC, Berlin CANCELLED- Linear and circular RNAs Available here
02 Jun 2016 Seminar Prof. Rolf Zeller University of Basel       Limb organogenesis and evolution: from signals to  gene regulatory landscapes Available here
19 May 2016 Seminar Prof. Howard Cedar The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Understanding the role of DNA methylation in health and disease Available here
12 May 2016 Seminar Prof. Hemmo Meyer University of Duisburg-Essen Ubiquitin-mediated protein extraction from chromatin as a regulatory principle Available here
28 Apr 2016 Seminar Prof. Peter Stadler University of Leipzig Catching monsters in RNA land: mapping atypical transcripts Available here