The 2014 IMB Conference aims to bring together the many different types of work performed in nuclear RNA, gene regulation, and chromatin structure, and to foster an appreciation of both common and diverse mechanisms. The conference will address the following types of questions:

  • What are the molecular mechanisms of action of many ncRNAs and their implications for biological processes, particularly in vivo and for longer ncRNAs?
  • Are we close to knowing all types of non-coding RNAs, or are we still far from a complete picture?
  • How do ncRNAs target specific sites and interact with chromatin to alter its structure?
  • How do ncRNAs regulate differential gene expression and alternative splicing?
  • What is the function of ncRNAs as structural components in many newly identified protein complexes?
  • Why do certain non-coding RNA molecular mechanisms apparently differ vastly between species when they seem to achieve the same goals?
  • What is the contribution of ncRNAs to genetic disease?


The objective of the conference is to forge new links between fields that are already merging, but where more intense collaboration would be fruitful, i.e. non-coding RNA and chromatin biology. We expect the 2014 conference will build on the successful, well-attended, and highly interactive meeting format we have established in the past two years of these conferences at IMB. The conference will be of interest both to researchers performing basic research in these fields and to applied scientists interested in cellular reprogramming and translational medicine. The conference is open to anyone interested

Call for Abstracts

The conference organisers invite the submission of abstracts for short talks or posters. For more information about abstract submission, please click here.


The conference will take place from 9-12 October 2014. Most of the meeting will be dedicated to plenary lectures from invited speakers as well as short talks. Short talks will be invited based upon submitted abstracts and speakers will be chosen to ensure the topics presented are at the cutting edge of research and are complementary to the plenary lectures.There will also be a poster session where selected participants can present their research.

The schedule also includes social activities, such as a welcome reception, meals and coffee breaks as well as an afternoon sightseeing excursion and conference dinner. These events will ensure that there will be plenty of opportunities for informal discussions and networking.

A preliminary schedule of the conference is available here.

Target Audience

The target audience of the conference is scientists who focus on basic or applied aspects of chromatin biology and gene regulation, including those with an interest in cellular reprogramming and regenerative medicine. Due to the conference focus being highly relevant to medical research it is also expected that the event will be of interest to clinical researchers and representatives from the pharmaceutical industry. It will therefore be a very interdisciplinary meeting.

Further information and contact

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