10-13 October 2018

Genomes of living organisms are exposed to damage arising from different sources. To maintain genome integrity, cells and organisms have evolved elaborate mechanisms and signaling pathways that regulate different processes including DNA repair and cell cycle. Recent findings highlighted the intricate interplay between genome stability maintenance and RNA metabolism: Transcription can interfere with DNA replication and thus pose a serious threat to genome stability. Conversely, DNA damage activates signaling pathways that globally affect transcription, splicing and RNA stability. Moreover, non-coding RNA and RNA-binding proteins play an integral part in DNA repair and DNA damage response. This EMBO Workshop will gather established scientists and junior researchers that study the mutual interactions between the DNA damage response and RNA metabolism. The workshop will provide a forum for open and inspiring discussions between the scientists that shaped and the ones that recently joined this exciting and rapidly progressing

  • Replication-transcription conflicts and transcription-associated DNA damage
  • RNA-binding proteins in genome stability maintenance
  • Non-coding RNA in the DNA damage response
  • Interplay between the DNA damage response and RNA metabolism

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