Cell-focused data: integration, organization and applications

Organizers Miguel Andrade (JGU/IMB-Mainz) and Andreas Kurtz (BCRT, Berlin) announce a workshop on Cell-focused data: integration, organization and applications, 6 November 2014 from 9:00 to 18:00, at the Institute of Molecular Biology, Mainz.


We invite applications to participate in a workshop on databases and computational biology approaches that consider or identify cell identity, mostly with a focus on human disease or their animal models. The workshop is aimed at students, postdocs and faculty with either a computational or biology background, and with an interest in biomedical data. Our panel of speakers approach the problem of cell identity from different perspectives ranging from databases, and ontologies, to modelling, and analysis of experimental genomics and epigenetic data. We expect each presentation to be followed by lively discussion both at question time and breaks.


Speakers include:


Laura Clarke (EBI, UK)

Georg Füllen (Universitätsklinikum Rostock)

Antonio del Sol (Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine)

Christof Niehrs (IMB)

Nancy Mah (MDC, Berlin)

Wataru Fujibuchi (Kyoto University) and

Andreas Kurtz (BCRT, Berlin)


Please send your request for participation to Susanne Klingenberg: klingens(at)uni-mainz.de. Deadline is 30 October 2014.
Registration is free and includes lunch and coffee breaks.

To download poster poster PDF please click here