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Three new Group Leaders join IMB

The Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB) in Mainz has marked the start of 2012 with the groups of Drs Jean-Yves Roignant, Natalia Soshnikova and Vijay Tiwari beginning their research into epigenetic process that control...[more]


IMB starts new International PhD Programme on “Dynamics of Gene Regulation, Epigenetics and DNA Damage Response“ in Mainz

Boehringer Ingelheim Foundation funds a new International PhD-Programme, in which 30 outstanding doctoral students from all over the world will work on innovative research projects / programme is coordinated by the Institute of...[more]


Holger Richly joins IMB to study stem cell differentiation and ageing

On 1st July Dr. Holger Richly joined the Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB) as the first of a second wave of new Group Leaders. His research aims at understanding how stem cells differentiate and why we grow old.[more]


IMB scientists find new regulatory mechanism

A recent study by IMB scientists uncovers a novel role for negative feedback of BMP4 in embryonic development.[more]


IMB officially opened 11 March 2011

Festive opening of the Institute of Molecular Biology at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz[more]


Official topping-out ceremony

The topping-out ceremony (Richtfest) for IMB is celebrated by architects, constructors, politicians, administrators and scientists in Mainz ([more]


IMB founding director announced

Prof. Dr. Christof Niehrs is the founding director of the new research centre, now officially named Institute of Molecular Biology ([more]


Construction of the new institute begins

Accelerated construction starts of a modern building for the newly established research centre of excellence in Mainz. The building work is financed by the federal state of Rheinland-Pfalz...[more]


New research centre for Mainz

Boehringer Ingelheim Foundation has announced its exceptional initiative to boost biomedical research in Mainz by funding a novel "centre of excellence for life sciences" with 100 million...[more]