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Neils help removing epigenetic marks

Scientists at IMB in Mainz have identified a missing piece of the puzzle in understanding how epigenetic marks are removed from DNA. The research on DNA demethylation sheds new light on a fundamental process that is important in development and diseases such as cancer. Click the following links to read the full press release in English or German.


Master switch for brain development

Scientists at IMB have unravelled a complex regulatory mechanism that explains how a single gene can drive the formation of brain cells. The research, published in The EMBO Journal, is an important step towards a better understanding of how the brain develops. It also harbours potential for regenerative medicine. Read the full press release here.


Strangled cells condense their DNA

Scientists at IMB have been able to see, for the first time, the dramatic changes that occur in the DNA of cells that are starved of oxygen and nutrients. This starved state is typical in some of today’s most common diseases, particularly heart attacks, stroke and cancer. The findings provide new insight into the damage these diseases cause and may help researchers to discover new ways of treating them. Click the following links to read the full press release in English or German.


Vijay Tiwari receives Wilhelm Sander-Stiftung Award 2015

IMB Group Leader Dr Vijay Tiwari is awarded the “Förderpreis der Wilhelm Sander-Stiftung” in celebration of the foundation’s 40th anniversary. The prize recognises the contribution of promising young biomedical researchers in Germany, and will be awarded at the Wilhelm Sander Foundation’s 40th anniversary celebrations on 12 June in Munich, in the presence of Nobel laureate Professor Harald zur Hausen. The award includes financial support for further research and scientific purposes. Click here for the full press release in English, and German.


Dr Vassilis Roukos joins IMB to study cellular mechanisms maintaining genome integrity

The Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB) in Mainz, Germany, is delighted to welcome Dr Vassilis Roukos as a new Group Leader. Dr Roukos has recently developed novel high-throughput imaging tools, which he will use at IMB to explore the roles of chromatin organisation in genome stability and maintenance. Click here for the full press release.