Photo of Core Facility flow cytometer by Holger Klein

Instrumental to the research at IMB are our Core Facilities. These operate in response to the needs of our researchers and have been specifically set up to ensure that these needs can be met. In particular, services are offered in the areas of bioinformatics, cytometry, histology, high-end microscopy, micro-array analysis and next generation sequencing.

The Core Facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technologies and are staffed by experts who provide our scientists with two levels of service. Firstly, a full service is provided in which Core Facility staff take care of the whole experimental process and deliver the results generated back to our researchers. Secondly, Core Facility staff enable researchers to carry out their own experiments by providing full training for the required equipment and methods. Following this, Core Facility staff are then on hand to advise and assist researchers in every step of their experiments.

The Core Facilities provided therefore ensure that IMB scientists always have access to the latest equipment and technologies that are required to explore new areas at the frontiers of the Life Sciences.

For further information please contact the Director of IMB Core Facilities.

IMB Core Facilities invite you to attend our lectures in Genomics, Microscopy, Bioinformatics, Cytometry, and Proteomics. The program kicks off on 2 February 2016 with a lecture in Microscopy and will end in November with a lecture in Proteomics. Lectures in all fields always take place on Tuesdays at 11:00 am in the IMB Seminar Room on the 2nd floor. Lectures are open to everyone; no registration is required.

For more details, see our 2016 flyer